Enrollment Info

Thank you for considering the Early Childhood Program at Zion Lutheran School. We offer a variety of options to meet your early
childhood needs.

We are excited to offer multi-age preschool classes for 3 and 4 year olds. These preschool classes will allow students to learn and grow at their own individual pace. Center based activities will be a focus in the learning environment. STEM activities are included in our daily curriculum. There are many benefits to support multi-age classrooms;

• Parents may choose the number of days their child attends; 3, 4, or 5
• We are planning on once again offering a “Super 4’s” class for children who turn 5 in the fall.
• Multi-age groups promote family-like relationships
• Children can teach and learn from each other
• There is often less competitive behavior and more cooperative or helpful behaviors
• Teachers have the opportunity to develop closer more long-term relationships with the children
• Multi-age groups offer children opportunities to develop and practice social skills.
• Curriculum is based on at least a two year cycle providing a wide range and variety of activities

A 2 year old classroom is also available Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 11:00am, full day extended care is also an option.

Preschool Rates
*Children must be 2 by September 1st to be enrolled in preschool.
*The rates are generally based on a 9 ½ month program (approx. 174 full time school days).
*Tuition may be paid in one payment, twice yearly, or monthly
*If paying monthly you may do it in 10 monthly payments starting in July.
*First consideration is given to full time students
*Children enrolled in the 3/ 4 year old program must be completely potty trained. We reserve the right to cancel, combine or change
class days as dictated by enrollment.
Preschool Tuition
2022 – 2023
First Child: Second Child: Third Child: Fourth Child:
5 days per week $2800 5 days per week $2215 5 days per week $1825 5 days per week $1035
4 days per week $2245 4 days per week $1780 4 days per week $1470 4 days per week $840
3 days per week $1700 3 days per week $1345 3 days per week $1115 3 days per week $645
2 days per week $1150 2 days per week $915 2 days per week $760 2 days per week $445
Preschool operates from 8:00 – 11:00am. To reserve your spot for next year, fill out the online pre-registration. The
actual registration link will be emailed out at the beginning of June. At that time the registration fee of $150 will be
due. Tuition payments begin in July.
A before and after school care program is also available for Zion and public school children kindergarten through eighth grade.
Extended care is open from 6:15am – 6:00pm and operates outside of school hours.
Extended Care 2021 – 2022
BACKUP Hourly Rate: $4.00/1st child $3.00/2nd child $2.00 each additional child
Registration Fee: $25.00 per child, Zion families $15 per child (no charge for preschoolers)
Snack Fee $10.00/month (fee for attending 2 or less times a month is $5.00)
Extended Care Rates: (Half Day) $15.00/1st child $13.00/2rd child $10.00 each additional child
Extended Care Rates: (Full Day) $30.00/1st child $20.00/2nd child $15.00/each additional child
If you have any questions please give us a call at 815/814-5156 or email us at earlychildhood@zionschool.net